We can provide you with the information, resources, and motivation to close deals!

Vick & Associates' philosophy is that the more knowledgeable and effective you are, the more successful and fulfilled you will be. For us, the opportunity to provide the resources and instruction that will empower you to be the best in your class is job one. We can provide you with the information, resources, and motivation to close deals!

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The V&A Immersion Retreats

Join Dave Vick for 2-1/2 days of Immersion Training! 


The Maximizing Social Security Workshop Immersion Retreat is the only Social Security workshop instructor training event of its kind. This event will provide you with your NSSA (National Social Security Advisor) designation the first day, and a full day of training on how to market, teach and write business from a Maximizing Social Security workshop on day two. You will leave this event with the knowledge, confidence and ability to successfully conduct the premiere Social Security workshop in the industry, the Vick & Associates maximizing Social Security (MSS) Workshop.  Advisors that teach the MSS workshop enjoy:

  • 90% success in mailing
  • 80% - 90% of attendees set up a strategy session with the advisor
  • Assets per attendee of $500,000 - $1.5 million


Learn how to fully leverage the power of adult financial education workshop marketing by immersing yourself in training on how to successfully conduct workshops and consequently set appointment and write premium.  Adult education workshops provide the best marketing event results and are growing in popularity.  Dave Vick introduced and popularized this marketing strategy in our industry.  Learn directly from Dave the details on how to maximize the effects of this powerful marketing program.


At the Planning Process & Software Immersion Retreat, you'll learn the ABC Process and how to use the ABC Snapshot Software and its new income planning capabilities.  These are 2-1/2 important days of instruction and practice that will enable you to walk clients through the ABCs and use the Snapshot Software to close millions in premium.

At the Planning Process & Software Immersion Retreat, you'll learn:
  • How to stop selling and start leading
  • The 5-step planning process
  • How to use the Software in a sales presentation
  • How to conduct a client review
  • How to integrate Social Security benefits into a plan  
  • ...and much more!
At the Maximizing Social Security Workshop Immersion Retreat, you'll:
  • Earn your National Social Security Advisor (NSSA) designation, a FINRA recognized designation that provides you with additional credibility
  • Learn how to successfully market & teach your own Vick & Associates Maximizing Social Security adult education workshop
  • Translate your knowledge and workshop success into premium
  • ...and much more!

V&A Immersion Retreat Schedule:

Unless otherwise noted, all V&A Immersion Retreat events are held in Scottsdale, AZ, from 8:30am to 5:30pm on Thursday & Friday and from 8:30am to Noon on Saturday.  There is no cost for the training, and group meals are included.  You are responsible for your travel and lodging.